Congenital CNS Abnormalities

Congenital Abnormalities is also known as Fetal central nervous system abnormalities, Fetal CNS anomalies, Intrauterine brain and/or spinal cord birth defects

What are Congenital CNS abnormalities?

A congenital abnormality of the CNS includes the delivery defects of the natural structure of the brain or spinal cord that happen throughout fetal intrauterine growth. The abnormalities include a broad spectrum of disorders and medical circumstances, beginning from minor abnormalities to severe ones, including spina bifida or microcephaly, in which brain growth is hindered.

What causes Congenital CNS abnormalities?

A broad variety of factors can add to congenital CNS abnormalities. Most of them are induced by genetic factors. In other instances, exposure to alcohol, smoking, drugs, vitamins, medications, environmental toxins and the specific viruses may poison the baby while in the womb. All these factors can add to the evolution of a CNS abnormality. In many infants, no obvious or identifiable target is found.


The precise symptoms of a congenital CNS anomaly will fluctuate widely depending on the nature and severity of the condition. Usually, as some form of physical brain or spinal cord defect is present, there are problems with brain function or limb movement.

What are congenital CNS abnormality care alternatives ?

The Neurologist or the Neurosurgeon will assess the baby and do a variety of tests which will incorporate radiological studies to diagnose the specific abnormality the baby may have. Treatment both medical and surgical if necessary is available to assist the baby to achieve the best physical and/or mental condition he/she is competent of as he or she gets older. Unfortunately, there are some conditions which cannot be cured.