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Arihant Neuro Spine Clinic offers treatment under the able supervision of Dr. Shailesh Jain, Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon. He has years of experience in spine surgery and as a stroke interventionist


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We understand that health is your priority. Never ignore any health-related trouble. Stroke and Headache are critical, but always curable completely.

Dr Shailesh Jain is a Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon at Arihant Neurospine Clinic in North Delhi. He is highly recognized and widely commended neurosurgeon in Delhi in the field of modern spine surgeries today. His unparallel expertise in managing spine problems and disorders makes him the best neurosurgeon In Delhi NCR.

Being one of the Best Neurosurgeon In Delhi,India Dr. Shailesh Jain has more than 15 years of neurosurgical experience, and has expertise in treating a wide spectrum of neurosurgical treatment which includes Brain Tumor Surgery, Brain Aneurysm Treatment, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Brain Aneurysm Coiling, Spinal Diseases, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Carotid stenting etc.

Dr. Shailesh Jain has completed his education mainly from Gujrat where he completed his MBBS from Baroda Medical College, Gujrat followed by MS (General Surgery) at the same venue i.e. Baroda Medical College, Gujarat. It was further followed with M.Ch (Neuro Surgery) from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. His zest of adding knowledge never stopped him from going ahead and he later on completed FINR, a course in Endovascular Neuro-intervention & Stroke Management from Zurich University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland.

A specialist in the subject of neurosurgery, Dr .Shailesh Jain collected many certificates & honors during his career days. He was adjudged the second best student of Opthalmology in final MBBS and his thesis was commended as the best thesis in M.S (General Surgery) entitled A Clinico-pathological study of Thyroid Swellings which covered 50 different treatment cases.

He was awarded the certificate of the second best surgical resident during M.S (General Surgery) and was bestowed with the certificate of the best poster award for "Surgical management of petroclival tumors: defining outcome/ resection goals" in 9th Annual conference S.11 Base Surgery Society of India.

Dr. Shailesh Jain mission in life was not merely to survive, but to thrive in each and every area where he has performed. Being one of the best Neurosurgeons in India, Doctor Shailesh Jain says whatever you do, do with determination. He enjoys his professional journey and still believes in trying to get better and better every day. Dr. Jain is also a key member of Neurological Society of India (NSI), Indian Society for Trauma and Acute Care (ISTAC), Medical Council of India (MCI), A-0 SPINE (INTERNATIONAL) and Delhi Neurological Association ( DNA)

The beauty and mystery of this world only emerges through affection, attention and interest and this holds true for Dr Shailesh Jain too whose major areas of interest lies in treatment of endovascular / interventional Neurosurgery, Neuroendoscopy surgery ( Brain and spine), Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Neural Stem Cell Transplantation.

Dr Shailesh Jain has two major publication under his name, the first being on The Intraoperative Co-registration of MRI, PET and Electra-corticographic data for Neocortical Lesional epilepsies may improve the localization of the epileptogenic foci: A pilot study, World Neurosugery, 2013. This was further followed by his next publication on Electro-corticography for epilepsy surgery, Spike chasing is worthwhile. Progress in Clinical Neurosciences, Volume 23.


DR Shailesh Jain provides the best neuro care for the patients with best possible outcomes. Let it be any neurology treatment in North Delhi starting from neurology surgery ,brain surgery, spinal injury, migraine, trigeminal neuralgia ,Dr Jain a neurologist ensures precise treatment of brain tumors by constantly updating MRI scans during brain surgery. We assure you the best and have always received applaud regarding the same.


Consult about any medical issue like headache, cervical problems, low backache, fits, paralysis and other Neuro-spine related problems.


At Arihant Neuro Spine Clinic we are committed to offer patients systematic diagnosis and proper reporting of medical information.

Spine & Brain Surgery

We are experienced in Spine and Brain Surgery aided with latest medical techniques and treatment methodologies.

Malfunction & Injury Treatment

Brain and Spine are delicate and prone to injury. We offer intensive medical guidance to cure any sensitive complexity.

Seizure, Stroke or Paralysis Prevention

Paralysis is a spine related disorder that requires quick medical assistance. We are ever-ready to provide latest medical aids for prevention and cure.

Neuro Intervention

We follow minimally invasive treatment to cure vascular pathology of brain and spine like stroke, aneurysm, carotid stenting and embolisation with latest developments in medical science.

Neurology Facilities

At Arihant Neuro Spine clinic, we believe in extending our best care for all kinds of neurological disorders. Our expertise lies in providing treatment for all kinds of brain tumors, spinal injury, movement disorders, congenital anomalies of spine and brain as well as all traumas related to spine and brain. Arihant Neuro spine clinic has the latest technology which aims to provide comprehensive and multidisciplinary care for all kinds of disorders of the brain and spine.

It has the most advanced Neurological Operation theatre and the Neurology clinic is well equipped with Neuro Navigation, Stereotaxy, Microscopic Surgery (High-end microscope) facilities, etc. The clinic has specialized commitments and protocols for emergency management of acute neurological disorders including stroke and other neurological trauma.

We offer intensive care and health solution to a wide array of Neuro and Spine medical complexities

Advanced medical care and health technology has enabled doctors and specialist to cure complex medical issues related to spine and neuro disorders. We have combined the expertise of experienced consultant and neuro-surgeon with latest medical technology to achieve quality and least invasive treatment.

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